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Nov 04

Heart Ripper - Performed by Criss Angel Revealed

Posted by: momo

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The magician stands behind his assistant and proceeds to shove his hand through the assistant’s stomach, jerking out the assistants organs in the process.

The magician then pulls his hand out of the assistant’s stomach, revealing it with no wounds or marks of any kind.



Find an assistant who is wearing a button up shirt, and, preferably, a jacket over top of it. Un-tuck the back of the spectator’s shirt, and unbutton the second to last button. Have a fake plastic organ (heart, liver, kidney…etc.) that you can buy from any novelty shop, and tuck it into the pack part of the assistants pants.



Stand behind your assistant that you want to shove your hand through. Stand with the center of your body aligned with their left shoulder. Bend down until your chin is about the same height as their shoulder. As you’re positioning them and telling them where to stand, lightly push on their back so that they bend down slightly. As misdirection for the following move, look the spectators standing in front of you and your assistant directly in the eyes, and say something.

Anything. It doesn’t matter what you say, as long as you get their attention off of what you’re doing. With this misdirection, grab the organ into your hand, slide your right hand up the back of their shirt, and curl it around the side and to the front, keeping contact with their body the entire time. Done properly, the spectators won’t be able to tell that your hand is in their shirt. When you want to shove your hand through them, act as if you’re violently pushing on their body, and then push your hand through the slit where you unbuttoned their shirt. Open your fingers as wide as you can, as this takes up space and helps with the illusion.

Do this for just a second, and then with your left hand, reach up and cover your right hand (the one you just stuck through their body). Under the cover of your left hand pretending to push your right hand back through their body, slide your right arm back and place it behind the assistant. With a violent jerk, pretend to yank your arm back through them, and then lift up their shirt a little bit to show that they are unharmed.

Comments (6)

Very compelling illusion
He is a master magician for sure.
Magician Jason Bird , April 06, 2012
Good. Thanks a lot
video , January 04, 2011
heart rip
savage25 , April 19, 2009
realy simple needs a video
meeeeeee , April 10, 2009
this sux!!!!!!!!!!
y isnt there a fucking video for dis shit?????????? people=shit
jerkoffuture , January 17, 2009
simplllllleeemeeeennnnnnntttttttttt...... goooooooddddd......
felixX , November 16, 2008

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