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Mar 06

Psychic Card Trick Tutorial

Posted by: howtochangefate

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The Effect: 

You tell the spectator to name any card out loud. You then say you are going to call a psychic friend and he will tell you the name of the card you thought of without anyone telling him. The psychic names the card correctly.

The Secret: 

The spectator can think of any card except the joker you don't need to force them to think of a specific card. As long as you know the name of the card the trick will work. Call a friend who is in on the trick (they don't really need to be psychic.) When the call is answered say to your friend "can i speak to the psychic please." That's the code to let your friend know that your doing the trick Straight away your friend should start saying " Clubs,hearts,spades,diamonds." You need to stop them at the correct suit by saying " Yes please." He then starts counting "Ace,2,3,4..." When he reaches the correct value you say "Hang on i have a call for you." Then hand the phone to the spectator who chose the card you can put the phone on loud speaker if you want. Your friend then tells the spectator what card they chose.

P.S This trick has been performed by lots of professional mentalists.   

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if you can think of a way the joker can be picked use itsmilies/grin.gif
yasmin , March 23, 2013

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