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BBC Series - The Real Hustle
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bbc_the_real_hustle_001.jpgThe Real Hustle is a BBC television series made by Objective Productions demonstrating confidence and magic tricks, distraction scams and proposition bets performed on members of the public by presenters, Alexis Conran, Paul Wilson and Jessica-Jane Clement. Series 1-2 were narrated by Dean Lennox Kelly. From series 3 onwards it is narrated by Steven Jackson.

The show highlights ways in which people can be swayed, systems fooled and goods or money stolen using simple psychology (with the occasional assistance of gadgets or fake props), with a view to educating the viewer in how to avoid becoming a victim. Terminology from the world of the scam artist is employed and explained, and the marks are fully informed of the cons/scams straight afterwards and repaid any money they'd lost. The show is a spin-off documentary of the BBC drama series Hustle.
BBC - The Real Hustle (Series 1 - Episode 1)
Real Hustle - Series 1 Episode 1:

The Monte: The hustlers begin the series with one of the oldest tricks in the book; The Monte.

Proposition Bet: How To Get Free Drinks 1: Proposisiton Bet to win free drinks for you and your mates.

Keylogger Scam: By swapping an office worker's keyboard for one with an embedded keylogger, the hustlers are able to gather all of her confidential information.

Jewellery Shop Scam: The Real Hustle crew Show that Some Store are still vulnerable to theft beware of fraud!.

Flat Rental Scam: The hustlers rent out the same flat to different people, pocketing the cash in the process. And the worst part is the flat isn't even theirs in the first place. 

The Mustard Dip: The hustlers demonstrate another pick-pocket scam which you should be aware of.

BBC - The Real Hustle (Series 1 - Episode 2)
Scams include overcharging for worthless packages, a proposition bet involving a shot of whisky and a shot of water, selling forged lottery tickets, stealing a laptop from an airport, the window tap and conning aspiring popstars into handing over £500 to produce a tacky demo tape.


Real Hustle - Series 1 Episode 2:

Bogus Agency Scam: Agency in order to scam people into giving them money for their nonexistant services

Airport X-Ray Steal: Identical 'ringer' while they and the victim pass through airport security

Proposition Bet - How To Get Free Drinks 2: The team show you how you can win free drinks for you and your mates. Swapping the contents of a shot glass of whiskey upturned on a shot glass of water separated by a driving licence, without touching the shot glasses.

Winning Lottery Ticket Scam: 'Winning' lottery ticket. Can a Mark be scammed into buying it?

The Delivery Charge Scam: The Hustlers are delivering packages that people have not ordered and charging them money to receive them. Will anyone hand over their money?

The Window Tap: The Hustlers use the art of distraction to steal someone's bag. 


Series 1 Episode 2 (Part 1 of 3):

BBC - The Real Hustle (Series 1 - Episode 3)

The team reveal how fake customs officers are committing daylight robbery by stripping unwitting travellers of their supposedly contraband possessions. Other scams include a pool proposition bet, the jam auction, a fairground scam, the art of the pickpocket with "mind my bag" and the wifi scam. 


Real Hustle - Series 1 Episode 3:

The Wi-Fi Scam: The Hustlers set up a wireless hotspot using their laptop, but use it to steal peoples' credit card details when they connect through it. 

The Jam Auction: The team make people feel good enough during an auction so that they part with more money than they would otherwise do for items that they wouldn't otherwise want. 

Fairground Scams - Balloon Darts: Balloon darts at the fairground. Why is it that no one ever seems to win?  

The Customs Seize Scam: Dressed as Customs Officials, the team reveal how fake customs officers are committing daylight robbery by stripping unwitting travellers of their supposedly contraband possessions. 

Proposition Bet - How to get free drinks 3: Paul bets a burly chap that he can propel a ball further than him each using only their finger. Paul obviously wins - but how? 

Mind My Bag: Alex, Jess and Paul work together to force the Mark to follow a chain of events which will enable them to steal his laptop. 



Series 1 Episode 3 (Part 1 of 3):

BBC - The Real Hustle (Series 1 - Episode 4)
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The team trick a barman into paying a reward for a supposedly valuable ring using "the honeytrap" in the ring reward rip-off. Then they con punters at a car-boot sale into buying worthless scraps of paper, perform a proposition bet in a cafe, show the postman scam in the art of the pickpocket and deceive three professional poker players from The Hendon Mob.


Real Hustle - Series 1 Episode 4

Beating The Hendon Mob: The three Hustlers beat The Hendon Mob at their own game. But How? 

Proposition Bet - How to get free drinks 4: Jess bets a man that he cannot do what she can - turning cups over in pairs in three moves so that they all end up mouth-up.

The Ring Reward Rip-Off: The Hustlers buy a cheap ring, 'lose' it at a bar, and then manage to scam a good-samaritan barman into buying it back from a pair of 'customers' who have 'found' it. Hmmm...

The Black Money Blag: The Team set up a market stall and use a widely available magic trick to con people into buying what they believe is 'deleted' real money, which with the aid of a special chemical will become reusable once again.

The Postman Scam: The Hustlers work together to pickpocket someone's wallet while waiting at a bus stop and then post the wallet onto themselves - so getting rid of the evidence. 

Series 1 Episode 4 (Part 1 of 3):

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