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BBC - The Real Hustle (Series 3 - Episode 4)
Paul accidentally overpays for a purchase in an antique shop with his last cheque. He asks for the change in cash, but of course, the cheque is going to bounce. Alex reconfigures mobiles phones causing them to ring premium phone lines belonging to the hustlers. Paul wins a proposition bet involving a chain and a ring. Paul and Alex try their luck at backgammon with controlled dice shots and hustling techniques. Jess walks into a high street computing store to steal expensive software off of the display Apple Macintosh computers.


Video #1: The Overpayment Scam

Paul steels a shops money by overpaying with a cheque.

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BBC - The Real Hustle (Series 3 - Episode 5)
The gang steal people possessions in a synchronized pickpocket. While Paul with the help of Alex sells some newspaper for £100 when they think it's £500 and Jess gets a drink by getting someone to lift something with their weaker hand that they won't be able to do with their stronger hand.

Video #1: The 3 Way Lift

The hustlers demonstrate pickpocketing techniques while crossing the road. 


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BBC - The Real Hustle (Series 3 - Episode 6)
Paul steals a expensive watch while Alex and Jess have a fight as a distraction. Alex and Paul dress as undercover cops to steal someones car and also show us that it can be used to get into the cinema as well and they go to Casinos to cheat at Roulette.

Video #1: The Slap Swindle

Alex and Jess fake an argument in a jeweller's shop allowing Paul to use sleight of hand to steal an expensive watch. 

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BBC - The Real Hustle (Series 3 - Episode 7)
Alex and Paul scam a woman into thinking she could have her gas bill reduced if they install a valve on her gas meter. Jess doubles her money by changing the options on a ATM and the whole gang walk out of a restaurant without paying.

Video #1: The Gasman Swindle

Paul and Alex pose as gas installers and rip off unsuspecting householders. 

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BBC - The Real Hustle (Series 3 - Episode 8)
In the last episode of the series the gang steal a fruit machine by promising a replacement. The boys sell some expensive cameras for £150 but the buyers are shocked to find they are not that expensive and Alex sells one bottle of Champagne for £240.

Video #1: The White Van Scam

Paul and Alex sell dodgy camcorders from a white van to unsuspecting members of the public.

More Videos: Fruit Machine Swindle, Proposition Bet - How To Get Free Drinks, Champagne Charlie, Casino Chip Steal.

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