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BBC - The Real Hustle (Series 2 - Episode 1)
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The team con a delivery man into giving them his goods (Van Dragging), make sure a couple of people in a cafe overhear a phone conversation about an 'expensive' plate (Eaves Drop Scam), win another round of drinks with a Proposition Bet about drinking a shot hidden under a hat, replace a man's wallet with a wad of newspaper (The Phantom Wallet) and get someone to buy a car before making off with the car and the cash (Home Alone). City of London Police DCI Richard Jack and Dr Paul Seager, a lecturer in Forensic & Social Psychology, add their comments.


Video #1: Proposition Bet: How to get free drinks 9

The team show you how you can win free drinks for you and your mates.


Video #2: Phantom Wallet

Alex and Paul demonstrate some crafty pickpocketing.



Video #3: Home Alone

The hustlers break into a house, and use it as their 'home' to sell a car from. For the mark, the sale doesn't go quite to plan. For the hustlers' they get everythig.