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BBC - The Real Hustle (Series 2 - Episode 2)
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The hustlers steal a handbag then trick the victim into revealing her card PIN via a fake customer service line (The Bag and Pin Snatch), steal household belongings through front door letterboxes (The Long Stick), use a Proposition Bet on the circumference of a beer glass being longer than its height to get a free round, empty a woman's bank account by swapping her bank card as she's using it (The Cash Card Switch) and collect companies' takings by 'guarding' a bank's disabled night-safe (The Drop Box). DCI Richard Jack (City of London Police) and former master forger and security consultant Frank Abagnale are interviewed.


Video #1: Cash Card Switch

Always keep an eye on your credit/debit card - no matter what goes on around you.


Video #2: Proposition Bet: How to get free drinks 10

The team show you how you can win free drinks for you and your mates.


Video #3: Bag and Pin Snatch