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BBC - The Real Hustle (Series 5 - Las Vegas - Episode 3)
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The hustlers employ a cunning technique to steal the pot in a blackjack game (The Big Bluff), Jess uses her feminine wiles to win some money in a game of pool (Pool Bet Puzzle), the team go to extreme lengths to show how pickpockets operate (The Snip) and con a pair of passers-by with a rigged game of dice (Street Dice). Dealer Scams looks at Flashing The Hole Card. Input is provided by Gaming Security Expert Jason England.

Video #1: Street Dice

The hustlers demonstrate just how wary you should be of a game of street dice. Your chances of passing through the eye of a needle are higher than winning a game.


Video #2: The Snip

In Las Vegas, the team demonstrate pickpocking techniques that you should be on your guard for.


Video #3: Dealer Scams 3

When the dealer is working with one of the players, you just know you're not going to win.