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BBC - The Real Hustle (Series 4 - Episode 1)
Alex and Jess rob a hotel room by posing as hotel employees. Jess and Paul pretend to be from a film crew, ask a mark if they can rent his car as a prop, and drive off right in front of him. Jess wins a proposition bet using three full and three empty shot glasses, then scams herself a free beauty session. The hustlers head to Ibiza to fool holidaymakers into parting with their money for some worthless purses.

Video #1: Brass Ring scam

More Videos: Hotel Key Switch, The Purse Swindle, Prop Rental Rip-Off, Proposition Bet: How to get free drinks 27.

BBC - The Real Hustle (Series 4 - Episode 2)
Alex and Jess empty a house by faking a security survey and a prize draw; in Ibiza, the team sell fake jewels; Paul wins a proposition bet involving money and your third finger; Alex swaps the padlock from a fitness club attender and clears out his locker; and the hustlers sell bogus miracle fat-busting products.

Video #1: The Thai Gem Scam


More Videos: Miracle Product Swindle, Proposition Bet: How to get free drinks 28, Prize Steal, The Locker-Room Rip-Off.

BBC - The Real Hustle (Series 4 - Episode 3)
The hustlers sell a fake device which supposedly adds credit to an Oyster Card, cheat in 3 card brag by marking cards and using reflections, win a proposition bet trying to knock a 10p piece of your forehead, demonstrate pickpocketing using distraction techniques, and use police costumes to sell advertising in a fake magazine.

Video #1: Proposition Bet: How to get free drinks 29

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BBC - The Real Hustle (Series 4 - Episode 4)
The hustlers pass counterfeit cash by previously handing shops a pen that supposedly detects counterfeit notes; demonstrate scams that a bartender can pull; get people to hand over their bank details in applying for a gym that will never be built; and show you how hustlers can cheat at the card game Gin. The proposition bet involves balancing a wine glass upright over a further two wine glasses, while none of them touch.

Video #1: The Counterfeit Pen Con

More Videos: The Counterfeit Pen Con, Cheating at Gin, The Fake Gym, Proposition Bet: How to get free drinks 30.

BBC - The Real Hustle (Series 4 - Episode 5)
The gang sell a car but keep a spare set of keys to steal it back; install a fake cash machine to duplicate the cards and PINs of unsuspecting passers-by; win a proposition bet involving listing words without the letters A, B, C, J, K and M; go undercover as recruitment consultants but the only thing they're making a career out of is identity theft; and demonstrate electronic devices to help beat the casino.

Video #1: Casino Gambling Devices

More Videos: The Cash Machine Con, Proposition Bet: How to get free drinks 31, The Recruitment Scam, The Boomerang. 

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