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SUBRATA BISWAS : Magic Icon of Bangladesh

Nothing seems impossible in the world of Magic. Sword penetrates body of a person still living him alive, Electric Saw dissects the body of a girl and again she is intact, girl floats up in the air, bird or flower appears out of now where, tongue is separated or neck chopped by guillotine but no physical harm is in fact done.

People love Magic because that shows them in front of their eyes what they think impossible. It takes them to the universe of fantasy creating an illusion of reality. It once happened that a magician transformed some pieces of bricks into gold. After the show one woman burst out in tears and requested the magician to give her some golden pieces of bricks which she would pay as dowry to her would be son-in-law. The incident is embarrassing on one hand enlightening on the other.

Dowry in marriage is a major social problem in our country which asks an urgent solution. The magician whose tricks sounded so real, as described in the previous paragraph, was none other than – Magician Subrata Biswas.

He was born in 10th January 1970 at Dhaka, Bangladesh. Subrata is the leading magic prodigies who gave his wonderful magic performance all over the country and abroad with grand success and his magic show has been highly praised by the press, public, electronic media and distinguished people of the society.

The specialty of Mr. Subrata as a magician is that he always speaks about our society by magic. When he turns a black feather into white he just points out to the fact that the discrimination between the white and black skin is baseless and unjustified. Another attribute of Subrata’s magic is that he likes to present his tricks in a humorous way. He has developed some techniques of presentation which is mixed with comedy. Subrata is one of the most talented magicians of our country today. It is love and dedication to magic which prompted him to take it up seriously.

Subrata started magic in 1980 through firstly Mr. Shaheen, then Mr. Ulfat Kabir & lastly Magic Guru, Mr. Jewel Aich. He completed home study course on magic from Chavez Magic School (USA) under Dale Salwak. He is now the member of many reputed institutions e.g. Singapore Magician Club, British Magical Society, London Magic Circle, The Academy of Magical Arts (USA), International Brotherhood of Magicians (USA) & International Magicians Society (IMS), USA. Magic is an art which is based on the theories of science. There is nothing supernatural in it.

Subrata throws challenge to those claim supernatural power. He says if any body can prove it, I will give him one lakh taka. Subrata has got some special tricks in his receptacle. The most famous one is Buriganga Escape Illusion. In this trick he is locked in a box and splashed into Buriganga. He would get out of it in five seconds and another is Bijoy Sharani or Sangshad Bhaban disappear a entire day ! Subrata has showed magic in many countries including Indi
Makbul Market (1ST Floor), Barisal-8200, Bangladesh, Bangladesh, 8200
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