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Bar Bet - Banknote Fast On The Draw
(2 votes)
This trick perfect for bets! Try it out in the local bar. Watch this video and learn all the details on how to perform it. Snatch a banknote between to bottles standing on ends. It is easy to learn. This trick is a classic - a must have for all hustlers!

Learn Tear And Restored Bills
(6 votes)

Tear a hole in a bill and then magicaly restore it! All you need is a normal bill and this secret! Enjoy!

Paperclip & Bill Trick Tutorial
(1 vote)
Use a bill to join two paperclips. Self working with a great effect. A nice trick for the office or school to do.

Learn Free Bar Trick: The Trapped Bill
(1 vote)
Remove a bill from in between two bottles! Brilliant Bar Trick !! - Fantastic for winning beers!

Bar Tricks - Two Note Swap Place Tutorial
(2 votes)
2 monetry notes swap places, this video teaches you how.

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