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Learn The Amazing Bottle Trick You Can Do
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An amazing trick you can do with a bottle of water. You could buy this glass in a magic store.

The Performance:

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Learn How To Blow A Bottlecap Into A Bottle
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Very cool trick! Challenge someone to blow a bottlecap into a bottle. It seems as an easy task but it is impossible. See for your self.

Hanging The Beer Bottle Tutorial
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See how you can park a beer bottle in the corner of a room. It looks as if it is hanging on the wall. Very cool.

Learn Bill Beneath The Bottle Pub Trick
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Here's a great trick that can win you many beers if you present it as a bet. Move the bill underneath the bottle without touching the bottle. A really nice bar trick that is all about technique and not speed.

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Learn Dime In Bottle Bar Tricks
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Here's a bar trick that is very hard to do unless you know the secret. Place a small coin on a business card and the business card on a bottle. Now remove the business so that the coin falls into the bottle. business card trick. Unless you know this business card trick it is very hard to figure out. Make a bet and you can win with this business card trick.

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