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How To Cut a Bottle in Half Without a Knife
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Learn how to cut a beer bottle in half! That's right, watch this video tutorial to learn how to cut a beer bottle in half with acetone, string and fire. You'll also need the glass bottle to be empty, an probably a pair of scissors.

What you do is tie a piece of string around the beer bottle where you want to slice it in half, then take it off and soak it in acetone or nail polish remover. Put it back around the bottle, light it on fire, then drop it in cold water. It's that simple. Now you can even use the beer bottle cup as a toothbrush holder, or a pen holder. This is a great trick to show off your ingenious mind! Just don't tell people you saw it on a video.

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Cutting bottles without a knife
Dennis Williams
This "trick" was used by my father when I was a small boy. I am now 55 and I am sure that it was done before he used it. Please, show me something new and innovative.
Myster_E , April 03, 2009

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