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Learn How To Move Cigarette With Static Electricity
(9 votes)
Truly Amazing Trick! See how you can move two cigarettes with static electricity! Learn the secret behind this trick by watching this video:

Smoke Cigarette Ash Trick Tutorial
(8 votes)
This is a cool trick with cigarette that will entertain your friends! Note: This trick is for smoker only!

Magic Escape Game Tutorial
(7 votes)
The Magic Escape - a very cool bar trick. Set at a little escape game with a cigarette pack and show of with this great escape trick.

Learn Easy Cigarette Party Tricks
(30 votes)
This is an another cool party trick to do. An easy cigarette trick to do to your friends and when you go out clubbing.Very Easy to do!

Bend a Cigarette Bar Tricks Tutorial
(5 votes)
Unbelievable cigarette trick. See how you can bend a cigarette without breaking it. This trick is great for bets.

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