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Great Coin Puzzle Tutorial
(1 vote)
Great simple coin puzzle for winning beers. You show five moves and ask someone to repeat them - believe me, they can't do it!

Coin Tricks For Winning Beers Tutorial
(2 votes)
Nice little coin trick for winning beers or money. A cool coin puzzle with a nice effect.

Free Bar Magic Tutorial
(1 vote)

This trick balances on the edge between a bar and a magic trick. Make a match move inside a glass without touching anything!!

Cool Bar Bet Free Tutorial
(1 vote)
A little coin puzzle that can win you beers. Challenge your friends or use this bar bet to win beers.

Learn How To Pass A Big Coin Through A Very Small Hole Bar Tricks
(2 votes)
Get a big coin through a very small hole. It seems impossible but yet if you know the secret it can be done.

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