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Large Coin Thru Small Hole
(15 votes)
This trick is perfect for bar bet! Bet to your friends to get a large coin through a small hole in a piece of paper. Impossible? Then watch this extreme visual effect. When you see this you wont believe your eyes. This is easy to learn. All you need is a few coins and a piece of paper. This trick 100% impromptu.

Hustler Trick - The Nine Coins
(8 votes)
This trick will enable you to read the mind of your spectators. The Effect: Turn you back to nine coins and make your victim touch one of the coins. Then turn back around and point to the correct coin. Surely, this trick can win you some beers.

Coin Limbo For Party Trick
(8 votes)
Watch how to get the trapped coin out from under the glass? This will work great at a restaurant or a party. Show this to your friends and they will be amazed. Make the coin do the limbo.

Bar Bet - Trapped Coin Explanation
(2 votes)
Can you get the coin from under the matchstick without touching the match? And the match does not fall. Very easy if you know the SECRET!

Heads or Tails - How To Win Every Time! Tutorial
(8 votes)
Become the master of Heads and Tails. With this secret technique you can predict and even produce any outcome you like. This is the secret that will let you win heads or tails every time.

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