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Cap Challenge Tutorial
(5 votes)
Eric challenges you to remove each bottle cap using your thumb and forefinger from the opposite hand. Looks simple enough, but can you do it? If you can't click read more to watch the solution.

Cap Challenge - Can you do it?:


Mystery Knot Explanation
(10 votes)
Bet that you can make a knot just with shaking the hand three times. This trick is cool for bar bet and winning some beers. Have some fun and enjoy the video.

The Levitating Ball Explanation
(8 votes)
Here a cool trick. Learn how to levitate a ball. Transfer a small ball from one beermate to another by using only a glass. A really nice bar trick!

Two Corks For Party Trick
(5 votes)
This is a nice little trick to impress your friends! All you need is two corks. They will try to do it but they will fail! In this video you will learn how to preform the trick. Enjoy!

Icebreaker Party Trick Using Matchbox
(3 votes)
This is a super trick for breaking the ice at a party. Easy to learn. All you need is a matchbox. Have fun learning this to your Friends. Just lift the matchbox with only two fingers keeping the middle finger on the table.

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