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How To Make Fire Balls Explanation
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Do you want to know how to make a fire ball and hold it with your bare hand? Then watch this cool clip! What do you need is just: Lighter Fuel, Scissors, Cotton String, Needle, and 100% Cotton Cloth.

How to Make Fire Ball Tutorial #1:


How to Make Fire Ball Tutorial #2:


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I heard that using fuels that burn with a cooler flame like kerosene work. I've only used torch oil before and it was reduced to ashes in a matter of minutes. And by the way, ben57, You're supposed to take the needle out when you light the fireballs.
Gun4lyfe , April 30, 2010
responce to UGH!
They work because simply heat rises, that's it, you don't hold them in the same place for too long and the energy can't travel to your hands as quickly, but most of the heat that would burn you rises up, also they are reusable because the flame burns mostly the lighter fluid, not so much the clothe
Bryan , February 26, 2010
it cool
its ok to use but you must make your hands wet first then its not that hot
bandoo , September 10, 2009
this is BS i tried it and it was hot i couldn't even pick it up!
BlackLanCerGirl , July 09, 2009
why doesn´t burn ur hand???
ville , April 24, 2009
i think its because of the needle in the middle, drawing the heat inside the ball
ben57 , March 16, 2009
I know how to make them and i've seen the video a billion times! I just need to know why the darned thing works! (Its a Chemistry assignment) HELP!!!
Nancy11 , February 20, 2009

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