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How to Light a Burnt Match
(34 votes)

This magic trick will impress anyone and could be done almost anywhere. The best part of this trick is your friends won't have any idea how you did it. All you need is only matches and sleight of hand! Difficulty: Easy.

Jumping Matchstick Revealed
(26 votes)
This is an incebreaker trick! Watch the matchstick jump only by using the power of thought. Your spectator won't believe their eyes! This trick is easy to learn. Great little mind trick. You can impress your friends especially the girls.

Match Puzzle - The Glad Dog
(11 votes)
This is a funny little puzzle that will amaze your parents. Can you make the glad dog look the other way by moving only two matches? Very Easy!

Math Problem Using Matches
(12 votes)
This is a classic trick that will baffle your friends at party. Can you solve this little math problem by only moving one match? Here is the explanation of this math problem: