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Over and Under False Cut Tutorial
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This is a tutorial for false cut, which can be used in most card tricks. Suitable for beginners and the cut looks very convincing!

Erdnase False Cut Tutorial
(3 votes)
The Erdnase Mod False Cut has been taken from the Erdnase triple packet False cut. This is actually a blind false cut. No packets get out of order in the motion. This cut is taken from the book Expert at the Card Table by Erdnase. It has been modded slightly to be easier to handle.

Trinary Cut Tutorial
(2 votes)

This is the most famous false cut that always being used by cardician all the time. A false cut is a move used in magic for cheating when playing card games. It appears to be a real cut, but leaves the deck in the same order as when it begins.

Up The Ladder Tutorial
(3 votes)
This is a false shuffle tutorial that looks like convincing and clean. Many card magicians and gamblers using this technique to keep the card position unchanged.

Blind Table Riffle Shuffle Tutorial
(3 votes)
The Blind table riffle shuffle can be hard to learn. Maybe this video will help.

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