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Three Roll Card Control Tutorial
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Easy, deceptive, and convincing way to control card to top of deck. This control is attributed to Harry Blackstone. He called it "Revolving Pass" in his book "Modern´╗┐ Card Tricks" published in 1929.

The Zarrow Shuffle Tutorial
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Zarrow shuffle is a sleight of hand technique that gives the appearance of being a normal riffle shuffle, but in fact leaves the cards in exactly the same order. This is an example of a false shuffle. It was invented by magician Herb Zarrow.

Zarrow created secret techniques to do a false riffle shuffle. He then perfected the routines to make it undetectables. No matter how many riffle shuffles you give the deck, you maintain complete controls of the card. The Zarrow shuffle is one of the most deceptive false shuffle ever created. This sleight has been adopted not only by card magicians but also by many professional card sharpers.

Zarrow Shuffle Original Performance by Herb Zarrow:

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The Gambler's Cop Tutorial
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The Gambler's cop is perhaps the easiest, and can be used to conceal several cards at once. However, it does not conceal them well, and is not particularly inconspicuous. In the Gambler's Cop, the card (or cards) are held with one corner between the middle and ring fingers, with the short edge of the card pointing towards the thumb, where that corner is held by the base of the thumb. When viewed from the front, it appears as a closed fist.

One Handed Mucking Tutorial
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The cards are face up for demonstration purposes. You would never do this move out in the open like this.

Switching two cards at Texas Hold'em.

One Handed Mucking Performance:

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The Convincing Control Tutorial
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This is one of the favorite way to control card. Convincing control.

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