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The Hindu Shuffle Tutorial
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The Hindu Shuffle, as you may have thought, starts off in the Hindu grip. The Hindu can also be used as a force or controls. Using this shuffle, it enables the magician to retain the bottom card.

The Overhand Shuffle Tutorial
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The Overhand shuffle is a shuffle that is commonly used. It is a great way to cover sleights. It automatically looks casual and sometimes messy. The more messy, the more mixed up the cards look.

Invisible Pass Tutorial
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Invisible pass is a sleight of hands card tricks technique that cut and pass the bottom pile of the deck to the top. The invisible word used because all the movement are covered by the performer’s hands that make the movement is invisible to the audience.

Invisible pass usually used in card tricks where the spectator choose a card, put it in the middle of deck, and in split second the chosen card already on the top of the deck.

This tutorial will cover: Mechanics grip, the pinky break, angle and cover, and the pass.

Note: Practice and watch the angle when you perform the invisible pass or the pass will be visible to your audience and ruin your card tricks performance.

Invisible Pass Tutorial:

Basic Card Move - False Cut Tutorial
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Magicians use false cuts to make it appear that they are mixing up the cards in a deck before performing a trick. However, the cards are actually still in their original position, which helps when you are working with a fixed or pre-arranged deck.

Watch the movie below to learn about false cut!


False Cut Tutorial (Part 1 of 3):


Balducci Cut Deeper Force Tutorial
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The Cut Deeper Force is a commonly used force utilized by many magicians. You can use this force when making a card prediction. 


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