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The Glide Force Tutorial
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This is the tutorial for forcing a card using a glide move. Basic forces technique used by many magician!


Shotgun Aces Tutorial
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This is a really cool way to reveal the aces! This trick is used by David Copperfield when he performed The Grandpa Aces.

The Effect:

David Copperfield using this trick when he reveals the 4 aces!

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Tenkai Palm (Variation) Free Tutorial
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This is the free tutorial for the basic tenkai palm routine. Learn and mastered this basic move!

After mastering this move, you may wanto to learn:

Learn Double Undercut - Basic Card Magic Tricks Tutorial
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This video will teach you how to do the Double Undercut. A beginner level card sleight.


Learn How To Force a Card - Basic Card Magic Tricks
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This video will teach you how to do the Slip Cut Force, Touch Force, Riffle Force, and Classic Force. A beginner level card sleight for making people pick the card you want.

Slip Cut Force Tutorial:

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