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Learn Double Lift - Magic Card Trick Tutorial
(2 votes)
Learn Double Lift Tutorial - Video #1 of 2

"The easy to learn, simple magic card trick ""Double Lift"" technique is revealed in this free online video to amaze your friends."

Learn Free Riffle Shuffle Tutorial
(2 votes)
This is a pretty easy shuffle that looks cool. It may take a bit of practice but is very satisfying to perform. Once you have learned these technique it will impress your friends!

Jog False Shuffle Tutorial
(1 vote)

Jog false shuffle enables you to control the spectator's chosen card to the top of the deck. This video will teach you how to do the Injog False Shuffle. A beginner level card sleight for maintaining control of a selected card.

John Cornelius Spring Set Flourish Tutorial
(1 vote)
This is a very cool flourish devised by John Cornelius. It enables you to flip over the top card of the deck with one hand. Watch the movie below to learn this move!

Elmsley Count Tutorial
(3 votes)
The Elmsley Count is a sleight used to show four face-down cards without showing one or two face-up cards. It can be used just to hide a couple of cards, all face up, or hide a special back design on a couple of cards. The Elmsley Count is an essential for tons of awesome card tricks. Learn this subtleties move now! 

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