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About Me
Dan Chan masters more than most, promises more than expected, and delivers more than hoped. He's been called "an intense, three-ring circus rolled into one man" and for good reason. Dan Chan the Magic Man merges several specialties from the world of variety arts into a singular experience. From pure and technical sleight-of-hand to authentic pick pocketing; from world-class juggling to circus stunts; from fire breathing to fire-juggling; from escapes to dog tricks; acrobatics to quick-change costumes; and even the rare and ancient Chinese art of Bian Lian where colorful masks transform instantly one to the next. Dan Chan creates excitement wherever he performs.
Magic Specialty
  • Close Up
  • Illusionists
  • Stage
  • Comedy
  • Street
  • Pickpocket
  • Children's Entertainers
  • Trade Show
  • Strolling Walk Around
  • Baloon Twister
Video Performance
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