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The Worlds Largest Casino
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A video tour courtesy of National Geographic. The world's largest casino is built with the most detailed, and expensive, craftsmanship.

National Geographic - The World's Greatest Gambling Scams
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The World's Greatest Gambling Scams" details the best scams ever pulled off in the adrenaline-fuelled gambling world. They range from those relying on basic sleight-of-hand manoeuvres to those that utilise gadgets based on the very latest high-tech wizardry.

Scams examined include:

  • The famous Ritz Roulette Scam that used mini-computers and cell phones to determine on what number the roulette ball would drop.
  • Big-action baccarat games in which the dealers merely pretended to shuffle the cards.
  • A dye solution for marking casino cards that can only be seen with special contact lenses and disappears without trace an hour after its application.
  • A tiny weightless receiver embedded into a roulette ball and controlled by a radio transmitter hidden in a pack of Marlboro cigarettes.
  • And More...

Greatest Gambling Scams (Part 1 of 2):

BBC - Making Millions The Easy Way
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making_millions_the_easy_way_001.jpgIn the mid-1990s, a team of American science students took on the might of the Las Vegas casinos, and came home with millions of dollars. Hardworking engineering students during the week, they became high-rolling gamblers by the weekend and proved that, in one game at least, the house doesn't always win.

The game was blackjack, and the students were from the world-renowned Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Their audacious winnings marked the climax of an arms race between casino and player that began 40 years earlier with maths professor Edward Thorp. He realised that the one feature of blackjack that made it different from other casino games also made it possible to beat.

MIT Breaking Vegas
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MIT students mastering the art of card counting and breaking Las Vegas. The Most Feared Card Counters in the World!


MIT's Breaking Vegas (BlackJack) Part 1 of 6