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Mar 28

Tattoo Joe by Joe Russel Revealed

Posted by: chung

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The Performance:


The Secret:

Basically, tattoo joe is a really compact and elastic pantyhose that you hide under your short sleeves.

Here is how to make it:

I now most of us here are guys, but go with your mom or sumthin to your local dollar store and buy yourself a pair of plain pantyhose with no fancy decal on it. Make sure its the tightest size available. Depending on your skin color (not to be racist) Select the tone of pantyhose closest to your skin color. Make sure its tight on your arm.

Step 2
cut your (sexy LOLZ) pantyhose about the length of your elbow to your wrists. adjust size to your satisfaction.

Step 3.
get some duct tape and tape around the rims of the pantyhose. The duct tape will keep the panty hose from slipping of your arm.

Step 4
Now it's time to slip your tattoo joe device on. move the duct tape (either end) all the way up under your armpit area so you can catch the device just in case it falls out. This is a test to see if your device fits. If the device is loose, GO BUY A SMALLER PAIR OF PANTYHOSE. IF ITS THE SMALLEST well, youre pretty much screwed.

Step 5
Pattern printing.

Now this probably self explanatory. You can either draw something on the arm (device not your arm) with a dry erase marker. This will allow you to wipe away the stuff if you want to print another image. 2, you can tape your pantyhose to a strong piece of paper (Ideal is art cardboard drawing paper) stick it in your printer and print it from your computer. YOURE PRINTER SHOULD NOT JAM. HOWEVER, IF IT DOES I AM NOT RESPONSiLBLE FOR ANY DAMAGES. DO NOT DO THIS STEP IF YOU HAVE A LASERJET PRINTER THAT NEEDS YOUR PIECE OF PAPER TO GO INSIDE OF YOUR MACHINE AND DISAPPEAR FOR A WHILE. IT WILL JAM.

The rest is pretty much self explanatory. use your hand to cover up your ductg tape area when pul;ing the "tattoo" and roll it back up.

You might want to replace the bottom tape that goes down to your wrist with painter's tape for better flow.

For TWO tattoos just make a second device and put it over the first one. whichever tattoo you want to show first.


Video Tutorial:


Another Tutorial:


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