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Rubberband to Wrist Tutorial
(23 votes)

Really love rubberband magic! Genius! - Haris Jackson

In this tutorial, master magician Juan Fernando will teach you how to perform a basic yet interesting rubberband trick. The effect: The magician wrap the rubberband around his four fingers. With simple tap the rubberband jumps from the fingers to the wrist.

Rubberband to Wrist Performance and Tutorial:

Steel Ball and Tube Revealed
(22 votes)

A True Classic Pocket Trick

The Effect: The Magician shows an ordinary solid steel ball and a steel tube to audiences. The steel ball seems too large to fit into steel tube, but at his command the ball lowers into the tube and comes back up again. The spectators tried to do the same, but they failed since the ball is too small for the tube.

Find out the secret of this great classical trick at XPloreMagic.com!

Steel Ball and Solid Tube Performance:

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Mystery Ring Tutorial
(19 votes)

Excellent performance and tutorial! Awesome!

Learn how to penetrate a ring off your thumb and index finger which has been secured by a scotch tape. Very easy illusion that anybody can do yet produce an amazing effect. You may use a bracelet, watch or any close rounded object for this illusion.

Mystery Ring Performance and Tutorial:

Tool by David Stone Revealed
(20 votes)

TOOL is much more than just a gimmick!

Using TOOL gimmick you will be able to do: Visually change a coin into a bank note, Visually change the color of the back card without any sleights, Tear the top card of the deck and visually restore it, and many more. You can even create your own routine. Very easy to do and can be performed without using any sleights.

In this tutorial you will learn how to make the TOOL gimmick and how to perform some of the routines.

TOOL performance

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Torch to Silk Tutorial
(4 votes)

Note: This trick is using fire. If you are under 18 years old please only use fire under supervision of parent or guardian.

Learn how to change the burning torch into silk instantly. The clear and step by step instruction on how to perform this trick as well as how to make the gimmick is given in this video tutorial! Enjoy the trick and don't forget to drop your comments and suggestions!

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