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Red Bull Can Trick Tutorial
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So easy to perform, yet so unbelievable! This video magic tutorial shows how to perform this cool bar or party trick with just a can of Red Bull. Follow along with the simple steps in this how-to video and learn how to flip a can of Red Bull upside down without spilling any of the liquid.

Magic Ring & Necklace Tutorial
(2 votes)
Do you want to know how to chain a ring which is falling down when you release it? Now you can impress your friends! Really amazing and easy trick.

In fact, you must hold the ring between your index and middle finger (and the thumb on the other side). Your two fingers must be parallels to the chain. You can see the pic which is zooming in the video. And after you must release the ring with your thumb in first. It will rotate and roll on the chain to make a node. That's all!

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Capture by Justin Miller Revealed
(13 votes)

Justin has created one of the most amazing Cap In Bottle effects we have ever seen

This is the best of "cap in bottle" effects that will astonished your spectators. Learn this trick for free only at xploremagic.com!

Capture - Original Performance:

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Houdini Ball Trick Revealed
(2 votes)

This video is the explanation for Houdini ball trick (Houdini rope escape). Enjoy guys!

Cyril Takayama Ring Trick Revealed
(6 votes)
Don't miss to learn this trick guys! A cool coin trick from Cyril Takayama is revealed. Very easy yet amazing trick to amaze your friends!

Original Performance: Cyril Takayama Coin Trick

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