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Card Through Box Tutorial
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The Effect: The magician show that the box is empty. The spectator then choose one card and returned it to the deck.The magician then riffle the card thru the box and magically the spectator chosen card has penetrate the box!


Here are some notes to perform this trick:

If you want to perform this and let the spectator inspect the box.
1. Instead of applying the sticky substance onto the box put it on the FACE of the card.
2. Leave the card on the bottom of the deck.
3. Put duplicate on top of the deck and do a riffle force, or any other force that does not bother the bottom card of the deck.
4. Then when you dribble them do it on the back of the card box. There, the card is stuck on.
5. You can then initiate the sequence of sliding the card up.

Coin Thru Balloon Explanation
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This trick is very amazing yet so simple and need a good preparation. Detailed explanation on how to perform trick will be shown. We promise you will get crazy reaction from spectators.


Criss Angel's Mindfreak Season 4 - Watches Trick Revealed
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Grand Puertolas and Skeptic Muñoz explain how Criss Angel could link 2 watches together without opening them.

Original Performance by Criss Angel:

Click Read More for the explanation...

How To Make a CD Appear and Disappear Tutorial
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In this tutorial you will learn how to make a CD appear and disappear easily. It is easy to make a coin disappear. Since the CD is a big object, how to make it appear or disappear? A small or big object is not the issue. The real issue is the technique. Watch this video tutorial to learn the secret behind this trick!

Caution : Before showing this trick, you should select a spectator's view as well!

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Magic Coloring Book Revealed
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The Effect: The magician shown the book that have all blank pages. With a little magic all of the pages are shown to have pictures. However, it is obvious that the pictures are needing some color since they are all black & white. With one wave of the hand over the book, the pages all show that they have been magically colored! Now, it is further explained that everything has been an illusion, showing all of the pages are blank again!

This is totally a great trick that will blow up your spectators mind! Here is the tutorial how to do it:

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