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How To Make Someone's Money Disappear - Tutorial
(4 votes)
Watch a video on how to make someone's money disappear, magic trick you can do for your friends by magician, Eric Paul. Very easy trick! Learn and amaze your friends!

Fork Bend Illusion Tutorial
(2 votes)
Do you want to bend a fork in front of your colleagues and friends? Amaze them with this simple magic trick that you can do at dinner, bend a fork and restore it with magic! Great opener for party trick!

Criss Angel - Bill Tear Explanation
(1 vote)

Criss Angel explains how he pieced together a torn bill using magic. Very easy to do magic trick!

Bill Tear Tutorial:

How To Do Kid Magic Trick
(2 votes)
Eric Paul will teach you a super easy kid magic trick to amaze and entertain your friends.


Rope Escape Magic Trick Tutorial
(3 votes)
Learn how to do the famous rope escape magic illusion with Eric Paul, Professional Magician and teacher.

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