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Reunion Tutorial by Jay Sankey
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This clip will teach you how easily to restore two broken strand. This trick is self working and completely impromptu! Great trick for beginners!

Learn Plastic Surgery Trick With Jay Sankey
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Learn street magic with drinking straws. Jay Sankey from Sankey Magic teaches you a very cool trick. From AMAZING MAGIC & MENTAL TRICKS ANYONE CAN DO! produced by Sankey Magic.

Self Folding Bill Explanation
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This is a great close up effect that will amaze your spectators! A dollar bill is placed in the palm of your hand, to the audiences amazement it proceeds to fold itself in half. Not only that but it then folds itself yet again! Very cool!

This clip will teach you step by step how to perform this trick. So watch, practice, and amaze your friends!

The Effect:

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Sponge Ball Basic Tricks Tutorial
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Sponge balls are simple trick! In this videos you'll learn essential sponge balls basic tricks to make you like a pro! This tutorial cover: retention vanish, the pass, twist vanish, pinch vanish, drop vanish, split spongeball to 2, spongeball levitation, and another routines. Enjoy this tutorial!

Sponge Ball Tutorial #1 of 5: Basic

The Ring Thing Revealed
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A short video for the method of the ring thing. The trick works well the first time they see it. It should be easy to learn! With a bit of practice you'll be mastered it!

The Ring Thing Tutorial #1

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