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Criss Angel - Floating Cup Tutorial
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In this clip Criss Angel explains how he made a styrofoam cup float...

Floating Cup Tutorial:

Criss Angel - Linked Tutorial
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Criss Angel explains how a string, a ring and a safety pin linked themselves together.

Linked Tutorial:

Criss Angel - Lipstic Explanation
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This trick usually known as "The Ash Trick", is a magic classic that has long bewildered spectators. In “The Ash Trick,” an ash mark mysteriously transfers from the hand of a magician and onto a spectator’s palm.

In this clip, Criss Angel will teach you how to do this kind of trick using a lipstic! He made lipstick appear on someone's palm without ever touching them.


Cigarette Take Vanish Tutorial
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Full slides and video showing set up and performance of the take vanish using a cigarette and little bit of magic!! Enjoy!

Tutorial #1:


Cyril Takayama Cigarette Routine Revealed!
(8 votes)
This clip will teach you how to do a cool Cyril Takayama cigarette routine! Very recommended trick! Watch, Learn, and Amaze your friends!


Read More for the explanation...

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