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Learn How To Tie A False Knot + Routine
(2 votes)
Learn this cool rope routine: how to bite off a knot from a rope and blow it back to it. You'll learn two things: make a false knot and how to tie an instant knot! Very great routine!! Recommended for all ages!

Cut & Restored Rope Tutorial
(2 votes)
This video will teach you how to do the classic cut and restored rope magic trick with Expert Magician Malik Haddadi.

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Learn Vanishing Crayons Trick - Revealed
(2 votes)

You show your spectators a box full of crayons and then, visibly, cause the crayons to vanish! This trick is suit for kids birthday party.Very easy trick! Learn the secret and start amaze the KIDS!!

Vanishing Crayon Original Performance:

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Jumping Ring Tutorial
(2 votes)
Watch and learn how the ring can jump from one finger to another... Very easy trick recommended for beginners.
Don't show this trick twice to your spectators otherwise you'll ruin the secret!!

Learn Coin & Gone Free Magic Tricks Tutorial
(1 vote)
A coin is covered by a see thru glass and it magically disappears! After a moment it reappears when surprisingly the glass disappears. Very easy to do, perfect for all ages.

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