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Learn Broken And Restored Rubberband Tutorial
(1 vote)
In this clip D.J Castle will teach you how to perform broken and restored rubberband.

Silk Vanish using Thumb Tip Revealed & Tutorial
(3 votes)
This Video reveals the classic effect of the Thumb Tip for vanishing a silk. Get a thumb tip from your local magic store. This magic tricks is very easy! Just practice and impress your friends!

Learn Paper To Money Free Magic Trick Tutorial
(7 votes)

In this video we will teach you how to turn a paper into a real currency (euro, dollar, or any currencies). The step by step instructions are provided in this video, so watch carefully, practice, and amaze your friends!

Learn Bottle Cap Matrix Magic Trick - Tutorial
(4 votes)
This is a great bar magic trick you can perform almost anywhere as long as you have a flat surface and some bottle caps.

You take four beer bottle caps and hand them out for examination. You place them on a flat surface in a square shape. covering just two caps with your hands you make one cap jump to the other one. Then you make the third cap jump and finally the fourth one until they are all in a single pile. Your hands are shown to be completely empty - Amazing!

Learn Criss Angel's Trick: Mug Monte - Tutorial
(2 votes)
In this trick Criss Angel consistently finds a hidden object under 1 of 3 cups. Criss Angel will teach you the secret behind this monte!

Mug Monte Tutorial:

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