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Learn Free Cups And Balls Tutorial
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The cups and balls is a classic of magic with many adaptations. The effect known as acetabula et calculi was performed by Roman conjurers as far back as two thousand years ago. Now, you can learn this classic magic trick for free.

Cups and Balls - Tutorial


Learn Climbing Ring (Anti Gravity Ring) Trick for Free
(2 votes)
The Climbing Ring (Anti Gravity Ring) Revealed.. You just need: a rubberband and a ring. Completely impromptu!


Cigarette Through Coin Revealed
(1 vote)
Cigarette Through Coin Revealed...

Amazing Spongeball Vanish Revealed!
(1 vote)
Magic tricks using sponge balls is alway great fun. Learn how to vanish a spongeball. A great little vanish you can use for any small item with sponge like properties.

Ring On Rubber Band Revealed!
(2 votes)
Here's the tutorial on the impressive ring on rubber band trick. All you need is one ring, one rubber band, and some practice. Enjoy!

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