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Matchbox Penetration Revealed
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The Effect: The magician shows the spectators a heavy matchbox and a toothpick. He pushes the toothpick straight through the center of the box - from one side to the other.  The spectator still not impressed yet. With no funny move, the magician opens the matchbox and out on the table a heavy solid brass block that entirely fills the box. Both the matchbox and the toothpick are completely inspectable.

Matchbox Penetration Performance:

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X-Finger Trick Revealed
(7 votes)

Imagine being able to write the word magic on your finger and with the shake of your hand that word transform into trick. That is some possibilites that you can do with X-Finger principles. Completey impromptu. No gimmicks required!

X-Finger Performance:

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How to Make Magic Flash Paper
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Magician used magic flash paper in their shows and it is very expensive to buy. Here's the video that will teach you how to make your own flash paper the easy way.

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Signed Card to Shoe Revealed
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A Closely Guarded Secrets Finally Revealed!

The Effect: Any card is selected, signed and returned to the deck. After a lot of shuffle and cuts, the cards are drop off. The magician slowly removes his foot from inside his shoe. A card is clearly seen inside. Pick up the shoe and remove the card it really is their signed card.

This trick doesn't require any gimmick and the preparation is also very easy.

Sands of the Desert (AKA Hindu Sands) Revealed
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The Effect: The magician showed us there are three dishes that filled with red, yellow and green magical hindu sands. The magician then swishes his hand in the water and causing it to be dark so the audiences cannot see the bowl inside. The magician take red sand and places it into the water and followed with the green and yellow sand. Using his hand he stirs the mixture of sand in the water. The magician then dries his hand, showing them empty, reaches the bowl of water and brings out a handful of red sand and holds it over a plate. The sands flow freely from his hand and the sand is completely DRY! This process is repeated for yellow and green sands! Amazing!

Hindu Sands Performance:

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