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How to Make a Thumb-Tip
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A thumb tip is a magician's prop used for vanishing, producing, or switching small objects. A classic effect is to have a silk handkerchief or other small object pressed into the top of the left fist. After pushing it well in with the right thumb, the left fist is opened to show the silk has disappeared. These appearances and disappearances are achieved by a small flesh-colored imitation thumb tip, usually made of plastic or rubber, which fits loosely over the thumb. Space exists between the thumb and the tip in which a small object can be concealed.

The thumb tip is usually sold in a magic store with many different sizes, but if you couldn't find the one that fit your thumb perfectly then you could make your own from latex milk. This video will teach you how to make your own thumb-tip which can be used in some tricks.

What you need to buy: plaster or cement, latex milk and modeling clay . You will also need: A stick or a screw, 4 cups, a pair of scissors, a needle or something with a sharp end and your thumb.


How to make a thumb-tip part 1:

Souvenir Linking Rubber Bands Revealed
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After performing your two favorite tricks with rubber band routine (for example crazy man handcuff), you tell the spectators how if you show them one more trick. You hand out two loose single bands to be examined. You then display the two single bands at your fingertips…then have someone press two of the loose strands together. The two bands link while still in her fingers! Then you give them away as a souvenir.

This is one of the very great rubber band tricks for you!

SLR Performance:

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How To Perform Needle Through Balloon (Revealed)
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Balloons not only look good, but when someone looks at them, it makes them feel good. Have you ever been able to see a balloon, enjoyed it, and felt sad when it became flat because all the air seemed to seep out of it?

Amaze your friends by sticking a needle through a balloon without popping it! No scotch tape or any gimmicks involved!

You won't believe your eyes! This illusion is superb!

The Secrets: Coat the needle in Vaseline (or any petroleum jelly will do).

Instructional Video on How to Perform Needle Through Balloon #1:


Coin Penetration Into Glass Revealed
(12 votes)

Coin penetration in full glass of water. This magic trick is created based on 2 old optical illusion. Could you figure it out first without watching the explanation? The secret revealed inside also. Very cool trick to amaze your friends!

Torch to Rose Revealed
(9 votes)

Learn how to instantly turn a flaming torch into a Beautiful Rose. An easy trick that you can learn in few minutes!

Torch to Rose Performance:

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