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Multiplying Balls Revealed
(1 vote)

This tutorial will teach you the classic trick: multiplying balls (gimmick version). With a little practice you'll impress your spectators!

Multiplying Ball Performance:

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Ring Floats Up a Pencil Revealed
(3 votes)
The Effect: A ring floats up a pencil then it is placed in a bottle and it rises out. Very cool trick to amaze your friends. Recommended!

Rising Ring Performance:

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Rubberband Through Stick Tutorial
(6 votes)

New Illusion From Juan Fernando...

This is an amazing close up trick that will blow up your spectator mind! Juan Fernando will teach you step by step move needed to master this trick! 

Stick Thru Rubberband - Performance:


Straw Mystery Revealed
(2 votes)
In the video, you'll see hidden-camera footage of Mystery at a bar, and he does a magic trick, making a straw literally jump out of a girl's drink. The girl gets all giddy and impressed...you know how girls like magic.

Tarantula by Yigal Mesika Revealed
(35 votes)

The system is so invisible, it works inches from spectator's face

Effect: You can fearlessly perform completely surrounded with the Tarantula, and the preparation only takes a second. Literally, you have the power at your fingertips, and can show your hands empty at any time. The Tarantula allows you to perform countless effects that have never been seen or done before.

The Tarantula - Original Performance:


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