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ActivityTV Free Magic Tutorial With Ryan Oakes
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With a little practice, anyone can be an Amazing Magician! Ryan Oakes shows you how to do easy yet impressive magic tricks from sleight of hand to misdirection.

The Activity TV series draws on the talents of magician Ryan Oakes to enliven this instructional program. Oakes teaches kids how to perform simple card tricks, make a salt shaker vanish, make money appear out of thin air, learn how to pull money from nowhere, make a saltshaker disappear, and use a deck of cards to stump anyone. Each trick is taught in a fun and easy-to-follow manner that is perfect for kids aged seven or older. Great TV Show!! DONT MISS IT!


Ryan Oaks Free Magic Tricks:


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i keep typing down on google ACTIVITY TV like i used to but it does not come up it comes up like this boring activity tv thing i want the one for KIDS so i typed done activvity tv for kids but the only thing that comes up is activity tv thing with a GREY background and words that say learn how to draw a pirate smilies/angry.gif
Anna , April 21, 2013

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