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Capture by Justin Miller Revealed
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Justin has created one of the most amazing Cap In Bottle effects we have ever seen

This is the best of "cap in bottle" effects that will astonished your spectators. Learn this trick for free only at xploremagic.com!

Capture - Original Performance:


Capture - Explanation:


Comments (13)

i know how justin do that lol he just patched magnetic under the cap
fuckyouall , January 01, 2013
Justin Miller
I grew up with this guy and I perform. If you google his name, he has a rep for stealing tricks. Don't mean to bash you Justin, but you have dupped many fellow magicians. Even the guys at the magifest know it. Justin has served time for theft. This trick was copied and renamed.
bob , February 01, 2012
Duh!!!! -.-
yo... that's prohibition,..... Damn, some one knows how the hell yo perform the real captured??
satevis , January 19, 2011
stop looking at the ring
stop concentrating on justin miller not wearing a ring. how do you explain the disappearance of the supposed duplicated bottle cap after he hit it with the bottle?
Leif Santelices , June 06, 2010
what the hell, that's not captured, that's just plain cap in a bottle.
Leif Santelices , June 06, 2010
XploreMagic fuck you. Wrong!!!!
Olav , April 15, 2010
yea he doesn't use the ring but uses a braclet...watch his video carefully. Any questions?
I KNOW , January 03, 2010
this is an insult to justin miller by saying that this is captured.
mwilson , November 20, 2009
the cap is already inside the botle!the cap have a magnet stack in the bottom of botle!
lowlowbapbap , August 05, 2009
Wrong trick
This isn't captured by Justin Miller , revealed as I have got it - This is a completely different method as you do not need a pk ring!!!!
Sean83 , July 09, 2009
wrong vid...
This is Prohibition trick more than Captured....
BIG D , May 12, 2009
He isn't wearing a ring. That is a different way to do the trick. I can't remember who created the magnet ring one. Justin Miller's captured there is no ring.

Therefore, this video is wrong.
blarneylad , March 27, 2009
what ring?!
in the original video.. it really doesn't look like hes wearing a ring???

any ideas??

Hux , March 26, 2009

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