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Card Through Box Tutorial
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The Effect: The magician show that the box is empty. The spectator then choose one card and returned it to the deck.The magician then riffle the card thru the box and magically the spectator chosen card has penetrate the box!


Here are some notes to perform this trick:

If you want to perform this and let the spectator inspect the box.
1. Instead of applying the sticky substance onto the box put it on the FACE of the card.
2. Leave the card on the bottom of the deck.
3. Put duplicate on top of the deck and do a riffle force, or any other force that does not bother the bottom card of the deck.
4. Then when you dribble them do it on the back of the card box. There, the card is stuck on.
5. You can then initiate the sequence of sliding the card up.

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The same idea with card through plastic bag. Nice trick though!
a guest , September 12, 2008

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