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De'vo's De'Ring Revealed
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De' Ring can be used as a stand alone routine or used to create or modify your existing routines

De'vo's Core routine features the following: Only one hand is needed, can be done while audience is staring at your hand - no misdirection needed, no false transfers or cover required, no birdy fly moves, no switching fingers, no duplicates, no thimble moves, instant reset, can be examined, performed on the spot, No gimmicks, no angles, can be repeated, can be done surrounded, nothing added or taken away, no patter required.

In order to master this trick you need to: practice, practice, and practice!!

De'Ring Original Performance by De'Vo:


De'Ring - Explanation:



Comments (2)

It's an awersome trick, But where is the explanation video ??
Moundhir , February 29, 2012
de ring de vo
hi, i'm italian, so i don't speak Englisg very well, but i must say this trick, but the video is cancelled. you can put again it?
alessandro1 , January 24, 2012

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