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Linking Safety Pins AKA Pin Demonium Tutorial
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This is one of the best of close-up magic which requires no table to perform. In this tutorial you'll learn a classic trick called pin-demonium. You showed two regular pins (no gimmick) and without any funny move, the first pin will melt into the other so it is linked together. Learn this routine from our expert!

Linking Safety Pins Explanation #1:

Learn Vanishing Water Trick Tutorial
(1 vote)
Grand Puertolas gives his mother the beverage of Marseille, pastis. But he will make it disappear as quick as he served it. Watch the video below to learn the secret:

Finger Through Bottle Cap Tutorial
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Want to learn Close Up Magic For Free, this video show you how to use Shaolin Kung Fu, Chinese Kung Fu to shoot through a bottle cap with a finger.

Learn Cyril Mahjong Trick - Tutorial
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Grand Puertolas explains how Cyril performs the trick with mahjong pieces in front of a live audience. Easy trick to amaze your friends!

How To Make A Pen Disappear
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Want to learn how to make a pen or pencil disappear? Watch this video to learn the secret behind the vanishing pen magic trick. Very easy trick!

How to Make A Pen Disappear #1:

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