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Retention Vanish Tutorial
(2 votes)
This is a great vanish technique that you must learn! Very convincing yet it is not too difficult to learn and really give a nice flash of the coin (small object) as it goes into the hand. Recommended!


Match Back Trick Tutorial
(2 votes)
Watch and learn how this cool and shockingly simple matchbook trick is pulled off! You'll learn two variations of this same move! Enjoy!

Variation #1 of 2:

How To Tie A Knot Without Letting Go The Rope Explanation
(15 votes)
This is a cool trick to fool your friends! Magician David Penn will teach you how to tie a knot in rope without letting go of either end.


The Amazing Randi Debunked James Hydrick
(1 vote)

Over the years James Randi has seen hundreds and hundreds of entrants, and for some astonishing reason absolutely none of the people can perform their paranormal acts under controlled conditions that take cheating out of the equation. Time and time again the frauds (psychics) have to come up with lame excuses as to why their con (powers) won't work in a test. Here you see James Hydrick perform his "miracle" and 10 minutes later fail at the same miracle when cheating is taken out of the equation.

James Randi Debunked James Hydrick Part 1 of 2:


Learn An Amazing Egg Magic Trick - Tutorial
(3 votes)
Learn and watch how to do a killer magic trick with a hankerchief and an egg with Eric Paul, Master Magician.


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