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Learn Professors Nightmare Rope Trick Tutorial
(7 votes)
Learn how to strech three different size ropes into the same length. Then with a snap, each rope instantly reverts back to it's original length.


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The Vanishing Cigarette Illusion Revealed - Explanation
(3 votes)
Amaze your friends down the pub and learn how to make a cigarette disappear from magician Christian Lee. It's the easy way to quit smoking.

Criss Angel - Impromptu Levitating Roll Revealed
(1 vote)

Criss will teach you how to makes a roll levitate at the dinner table. Great impromptu effect to amaze your friends at a party!

Levitating Roll Tutorial:

Anti Gravity Water Trick Revealed
(16 votes)
This is the explanation of the anti-gravity water trick from a rational point of view by the superskeptics Trickbusters.


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Rubberband Revealed - Thumb Penetration Explanation
(1 vote)
This is the tutorial of the thumb penetration, a very easy and straight forward trick for newbie magician. Enjoy!


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