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Rubberband Revealed - Linking Band Explanation
(3 votes)
Here is the tutorial for linking bands rubberbands, a very cool tricks for beginner! Learn and amaze your friends!


Learn Vanishing Rubberband Trick - Explanation
(5 votes)
This video will teach you how to make a rubberband vanish into thin air. No gimmick is needed in this trick! Totally impromptu!

Note: You could show the spectators that you have 2 rubber bands and just drop one of them before you start this trick!

Before performing this trick it is recommended that you perform the Crazy Man Handcuff routine first for maximizing the effect!

Straw And String Magic Tutorial
(1 vote)
Watch and learn this simple yet amazing trick and fools your friends! What you need just a straw, string, and scissors.

Crazy Man's Handcuffs AKA Quantum Bandits Explanation
(3 votes)
This trick is one of the most memorable close-up routines of all time! The rubberband effect David Copperfield performed on one of his show. This clip will teach you step by step how to do this amazing yet simple trick!

After performing this trick, we recommend you to perform this killer effects: vanishing rubberband.

Tutorial - Eye of The Tiger Explanation
(1 vote)
This trick also known as "eye of the needle". The Effect: The magician takes a thin rope and makes a loop, simulating an "eye of a needle". After demonstrating the time it would take to thead the end of the rope through the eye... BAM! the rope is instantly threaded through the loop! Watch this video for the explanation:

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