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Ninja Rings Revealed
(3 votes)

Everyone who witnessed this performance in the legendary close-up gallery gasped repeatedly as they saw the small steel rings seemingly melt right through each other time and time again.

The Effect: Four solid metal rings are caused to link and unlink in impossible ways.

Linking Rings - Original Performance:

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Raven Coin Vanish Revealed
(21 votes)

Everyone askes you to do it again. Best magic trick ever!

This is one of the best magic tricks in the world!

The Effect: The magician asks for a quarter to a spectator. Placing it on the back of the spectator's hand he asks him to be stilll. The magician simply waves his hand over the coin and suddenly it is no longer visible on the spectator's hand. It is gone, and both of the magician's hands are empty. The magician didn't touch the coin but the boy could feel it disappear off his hand. The spectator can't believe it! Superb!


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Top 10 Card Trick Tutorial
(27 votes)
Here is our selection for the best top 10 card tricks tutorial in 2009. Please enjoy the video and give your comments.

Card Trick #1: Steve Fearson Thumbthing


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Sai Baba Magic Trick Revealed
(14 votes)
Scientists has been fascinated with supernatural power for decades. Sai Baba is a well known spiritual guru and miracle worker that have extraordinary powers which brings many controversy. This footage shows that he is using stage magician trick to produce the gold necklace for distinguished guess. Is it true that he have a special supernatural power?  


Vanishing Candle Revealed
(6 votes)

A high quality visual effect, that has won numerous awards for its innovation!

The magician hold a long, solid lit candle in front of his audience. Suddenly, without a funny move, the magician flick hist wrist... And in a flash, the candle completely vanishes! The magician hands are totaly empty!

Vanishing Candle - Performance:

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