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Labelled by Ben Williams Revealed
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Magically produce an impossible souvenir for your spectator!

Imagine being able to show an unopened and sealed soda bottle. You sign the label then visually, with an open hand, push it INSIDE the bottle!. Ben Williams has taken a stunning magic effect and turned it into a visual street magic masterpiece for the working magician.

Labelled by Ben Williams:


Labelled Tutorial:


Comments (4)

Have a word with yourself. You are the worst magician I have ever had the displeasure of watching.
Please give up magic & become a waiter or dishwasher or something where you may excel.
Rynamo , October 28, 2013
dude, you suck at magic. one i hope you dont ever perform because you will bore the people to death. two your not wasting the water it goes into the drain and is reused. three the bottle was sealed at the end, four the label was signed by the spectator and five the bottle was in the spectators eyes the whole time. why not atleast if your going to teach this trick as dumb as you do why not teach it in a minuet in stead of failing at being all mystical about it. your wasting everybodies time and writing this comment was more enjoyable than watching you try todo the trick.
ex , June 25, 2012
What about the signature?
In the original trick the spec gets to sign the "labbel".
That's the problem wit TrickBusters. They're just a couple of idiots who do not know what they're doing, taking 10 minutes to explain something he coul've done in 2.
It doesn't matter , May 22, 2011
How to make the audience sign on the label and appear it when it goes inside the bottle?
hellcage , December 28, 2010

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