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Pressure by Daniel Garcia Revealed
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Mind blowing effect! Completely impromptu!

The Effect: A borrowed cell phone is held in one hand - and a balloon is inflated. The cell phone visually penetrates inside of the balloon. It is shown, then given back to the spectator with the cell phone still inside.

Pressure - Performance:


Pressure - Explanation:


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so not the real thing
yasmin , February 17, 2013
The real trick
Ok the best possible way to do this is. You first have an uninflated balloon cut a very small slit in the top use about a three to four inch peice of tape and seal the hole blow up the balloon with your hand covering the tape at this point you can take your hand off now for the push align the top of the object with the hole in the tape and feed it in a little it sould then go in and you have the real pressure
Masterm , December 26, 2010
You can download full tutorial video for this trick here :

http://ugotfile.com/file/928458/Pressure - Daniel Garcia and Dan White.wmv
Magician123 , March 09, 2010
well in daniel garcia's part he let the spectator open the ballon.....
Wizard geek , July 19, 2009
Hmmm, I think...
I think I know how he did it. What you have to do is put a lot of pressure on the cell phone into the balloon. Then squeeze as much of the balloon to the back of the cell phone. There should be some air left, so make the excuse of pushing out the air but as you're doing it, squeeze the open balloon together and it should stick together, closing the hole. If you watch the first time Dan did it in the demo video on theory11.com, you can see a bunched up part of the balloon on the back. You need to ask the spectator to rip from the part where you blow in the balloon. Also, for the part where the black dude was doing a little testimony, they obviously payed him to say something and act confused and they put the cell phone into the balloon by using a big balloon and literally putting it through the opening. Of course, I could be wrong.
J , July 18, 2009
no what i mean is that the cell is realy inside its not in the outside of the balloon when daniel garcia push the balloon thru the cell he showed the spectators the back of the baloon and there is no hole or somthing thecell is totally covered with the balloon pls explain why is the cell all covered with the balloon pls explain i realy need this.
Wizard geek , June 26, 2009
I think I know
Well, the balloon is never penetrated by the device. Cool, right?
This kid Knows , June 26, 2009
why did dan white and daniel garcia let the spectator open the balloon and i see there baloon there is no holes or somthing in the back why is that
Wizrdgeek , June 25, 2009

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