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Raven Coin Vanish Revealed
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Everyone askes you to do it again. Best magic trick ever!

This is one of the best magic tricks in the world!

The Effect: The magician asks for a quarter to a spectator. Placing it on the back of the spectator's hand he asks him to be stilll. The magician simply waves his hand over the coin and suddenly it is no longer visible on the spectator's hand. It is gone, and both of the magician's hands are empty. The magician didn't touch the coin but the boy could feel it disappear off his hand. The spectator can't believe it! Superb!



Explanation + How to make a raven gimmick:


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What are these pulleys called and where can you buy them? thx
Devonator , September 30, 2011
Sean Smith
wow. i use those "pullys" at work for my name badges. We go through a lot of them because they are cheap. The little plastic piece at the end below the loop always breaks after so long. I never would have thoght of that. I mgiht modify the gimmick a bit to reduce sound produced from contacting the coin and the sound from the plastic pieces. If your someplace quiet someone might hear it. You never know...
Sean Smith , November 22, 2009
I have the raven, and you hardly notice the gimmick yourself.
(the audience certainly doesnt), and it produces an effect that could never be acheived by pure sleight of hand.
Spooneythegoon , October 20, 2009
I don't like coin tricks with gimmicks I much rather pure sleight of hand.
Peter Scaturchio , October 14, 2009

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